Countdown Begin, What appears to be the end may really be a new beginning

New Year Countdown

New Year Countdown

A year has passed by, Memories of it still fresh in our minds. We look with hope and excitement to the new one, looking for progress in our lives. It is a time to forget grudges and embrace people, as we realise time passes us by too fast. A time to celebrate with family and say thanks for the wonderful moments shared with them. It is the time to see the New Year with a fresh outlook and a smile on our faces, hoping for goodwill and joy for everyone. We also want to wish everyone happy new year and hope you have all the success in the coming year.


New Year 2013 Tips for our Viewers

new year greetings 2013

new year greetings 2013

We wish all our visitors a happy new year and hope you have all the success in the coming year, We would like to share a few tips to our viewers regarding the New Year.

  • Party like it is the last day of the year, because it is.
  • Don’t drink and drive, start that weight loss resolution early, walk home even if it is 20 km away.
  • Make a resolution to never make resolutions you can’t keep.
  • Start the New Year by smiling at everyone, even when you are shouting at them.
  • To develop a sense of humor and take this list in the spirit that it was made in.
  • And last but not least don’t forget to wish you near and dear ones Happy New Year 2013

In all seriousness we hope that all of you start your new year in a happy and auspicious way and that you all have great success in the year ahead.

The Days of Joy

The Days of Joy

The days of joy continue, with everyone lazing in front of the fire. Christmas has come and gone with much fanfare. The gifts have been ripped open and the presents played with. Mountains of delicious food consumed and numerous games played. The season continues in anticipation of New Year. Joy and warmth still exudes from everyone’s faces. The festive decorations still hang around the room contributing to the continuation of the season festivities. With happy faces and full stomachs the children gather around to play a few games, while the adults sit and talk, laughing at stories being told. The days of joys continue in anticipation for the New Year and the optimistic promise of it.

The Birth of Jesus

the birth of the king

In the cold of the night a light flickered in a Barn. A new born boy stirred in a manger. With protective and loving eyes he is watched over by his Mother and Father .Surrounded by reverent looks he is from the shepherds and their flock, they had rushed to the spot on hearing the Angels proclaim “the birth of the king” .A star shone brightly in the sky over the barn where the child was born, which the three wise men followed to pay their reverence and respect, bringing gifts befitting a king. The humble boy, who would be the saviour of our sins, stirred in his sleep unknown to the adoration that was being bestowed on him, the embodiment of the love of God.

The Ride of Santa …

the ride of santa

the ride of santa

The night is dark and the streets cold. People in houses are asleep, warm and snug, but one is out and about spreading Christmas joy. Curious looking he is, dressed in a big red suit, with a Long and white bread, just like the colour of the freshly fallen snow. Laughing “HO, HO, HO” he speeds around in the night in his trusty sleigh which is drawn by his team of Majestic reindeers. Astonishingly it flies high up in the sky, and also lands on the roofs of houses. Where He takes his big sack and distributes presents under brightly lit Christmas trees. Fulfilling children’s wishes and making them smile, all he takes in return is glass of milk and a couple of cookies. And as silently as he comes, he goes and all that he leaves behind is the gently jingle of his bells and trees full of presents. And for another year the big love able red suited man named Santa Claus Has made children jump with excitement on Christmas morning upon seeing brightly wrapped gifts under the tree.

The Star Which Heralded a Birth

Merry  Christmas

With bated breath and upturned faces they stared at the bright star high in the west. Debated they did on its luminosity, wondering about its significance. Never before has a star shone so brightly, calling to them to follow its path. With joy they packed their bags, loaded the camels, and chose gifts benefiting a king. One chose gold, another frankincense, while the third chose myrrh. And with happy hearts the three wise men set off into the distance, following the star, to find and celebrate the birth of a boy who was destined to be the king of men.

“Silent night, Holy night. All is calm, all is bright….” – The joy of Christmas

the joy of christmas 2012

The soft sounds of Christmas carols floating around tickle our ears.
We all our taken back to days when as kids we looked forward to the season. Bundled up in warm sweaters, spreading Christmas joy and love to all those we see. Excited were our faces with big wide eyes upon seeing the twinkling lights on the dazzling green tree, with bountiful presents stacked around it waiting for our attention but not until Christmas day. With joy and gusto we decorated the house making it sparkle and shine while the smell of delicious Christmas food wafted around. sporting beaming smiles and red cold noses we traveled along signing our hearts and filling the cold streets with the soft sounds of Christmas carols, bringing joy and warmth on the faces to all those who listened. Now we see a new generation of beaming children softly signing “Silent night, Holy night. All is calm, all is bright….” and bringing the same warm contented smile on ours.